The Office of Educational Opportunity and TRIO Programs is one of Georgia State University’s primary vehicles for outreach to the greater Atlanta community. The office serves as the coordinating body for a variety of programs designed to provide access to educational opportunities and increase retention and graduation rates.Among its current programs are the Educational Opportunity Center, Educational Talent Search, Student Support Services Classic, Student Support Services STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Upward Bound DeKalb, Upward Bound Atlanta-Gwinnett, Veterans Upward Bound, and the Upward Bound Math-Science Program. All of these programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Ms. Cherryl F. Arnold
Director of Educational Opportunities & TRIO Programs

Educational Opportuinty Center
Educational Talent Search
Veterans Upward Bound
Upward Bound DeKalb
Upward Bound Atlanta Gwinnett
Upward Bound Math Science



Office of Educational Opportunity &
TRIO Programs 

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Atlanta, GA 30302-3961

Phone: 404-413-1690