Upward Bound Math Science

Academic Development
Students attend classes that emphasize individualized instruction in science, composition, literature, mathematics, social studies, critical thinking, foreign language, and SAT Preparation.

Counseling Services
Personal, vocational and academic counseling services are provided for each student in order to enhance the student’s personal growth and to assist the student in the values clarification and decision-making process.

Cultural Enrichment Activities
Students are exposed to various activities such as concerts, art exhibits, plays, and sports events to broaden their cultural experiences. Travel outside the Atlanta area is provided to further expand the students’ cultural and intellectual awareness.

Mentoring Component
The mentoring component is designed to provide students with a positive role model who will make a difference in their lives.  Mentors are selected from various professional fields and also consist of successful college students and former Upward Bound DeKalb participants.

Tutorial Services
Tutors are provided in most academic areas upon request.